Set out below are the terms and conditions of sale for all goods/services purchased from ©Christine Rena Artist unless otherwise agreed.

‘The Artist’ – Christine Rena Rowntree

‘The Client’ – The Individual purchasing goods or services


General Information

  • Consultations and quotes are free.

  • The Artist reserves the right to decline any commission, sale or layby.

  • All personal information will be kept confidential.

  • Commission bookings will be held for a maximum of 7 days, at which time, if a minimum deposit of 50% has not been paid, the booking will be cancelled.

  • The Artist will not be responsible for any mistakes on a final commission as a result of incorrect or missing information. It is the responsibility of the Client to provide all relevant details.

  • The Artist will not accept Commission work without photo references for portraits (people and animals).

  • If the Commission is time sensitive then a Rush Fee may be applied at the discretion of The Artist.

  • The Client understands that all Commission work will be produced in the Artists style.

  • The Client is responsible for all commercial license costs for logo and branding designs.


Image Rights and Usage 

  • The Artist reserves full copyrights to all images unless otherwise stated.

  • The Artist reserves the right to showcase any commissioned images in her public and private portfolios aswell as social media.

  • The Client may not distribute, reproduce, or otherwise profit from a Commission or Digital Download, beyond the resale of an original Commission.

  • The Client may not edit, alter, or trace any image or work produced by The Artist.

  • The Client may not claim that the work was created by them.

  • Under no circumstances may the Client submit a Commission or Digital Download they have downloaded to any kind of contest.

  • If the Commission is for commercial purposes, the Artist must be notified prior to the start of work. Failure to do so will result in the Artist exercising her right to reclaim the image with no refund.


Payment - Commissions

  • All quotes are given in New Zealand Dollars and are susceptible to the current conversion rates at the time of payment.

  • All bank fees from the Clients bank are the responsibility of the Client.

  • For commission work quoted at $110 or above, a 50% deposit minimum of the total cost (including shipping) can be paid to confirm the Commission. The remaining balance is to be paid before start of work commences.

  • For commission work quote under $110 the full payment (including shipping) is required to confirm the Commission.

Cancellations - Commissions

  • You can choose to cancel a commission at any time. 

  • If cancelled within 48 hours of payment, a full refund will be provided. After 48 hours the initial deposit only will be refunded.

  • Commissions will be cancelled if full payment is not received by the agreed date.

  • Once a deposit has been paid, no major changes can be made unless an additional cost is agreed to by The Artist and The Client.

Payment - Layby

  • Lay-by purchase's are only offered on Original Paintings.

  • A 20% deposit of the total cost (including shipping) is required to confirm the lay-by purchase.

  • Payment is required in full within 90 days of placing the order.

  • The number and frequency of payments is at The Client's discretion.

  • Individual payments must total $100 or more.

  • Once a lay-by purchase is confirmed, it is not possible to add or remove items, or transfer payments from one order to another.

Cancellations - Layby

  • You can choose to cancel a lay-by at any time.

  • A 20% cancellation fee applies to all lay-by purchases.

  • The full amount that The Client has paid will be refunded by bank deposit to The Client's NZ bank account, minus the 20% cancellation fee.

  • Lay-by purchases will be cancelled if payment is not made in full within 90 days.

Digital License

  • The purchaser is granted a single, nontransferable license for their personal use of each free and/or purchased Digital Item.

  • The purchaser is not authorized to grant access to any free and/or purchased Digital Item, in whole or in part, to any third party, in particular, to sublicense, to transfer, to timeshare, or to rent out free and/or purchased Digital Item.

  • Making any free and/or purchased Digital Item available on the Internet or in other networks, reselling any free and/or purchased Digital Item and/or any use for commercial purposes is not permitted.  

  • Making copies or printouts and storing a backup copy of 'any free and/or purchased Digital Item on another device is permitted for private, personal use only. This must not give rise to third-party access.

  • The sharing of any free and/or purchased Digital Item as news on social media or in any form of publication is permitted with credit.

  • Copying of any free and/or purchased Digital Item is only permitted for private purposes and only in the form of excerpts.

  • Digital items are non refundable.

  • For commercial enquires please contact me.

Placing an order through commission, layby or direct purchase, or downloading an item, constitutes agreement to these terms and conditions.

Failure to adhere to these terms and conditions will result in a cancellation of purchase.