Here are some commonly asked questions about Spirit Guide drawings. If you cant find the answer to your question or have further questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Do we all have spirit guides?

Absolutely. Every single person has a team of spirit guides behind them that are there to help us grow. Most people have one or two very prominent guides while other guides tend to work more remotely or are waiting to connect with us when we have progressed further along our spiritual paths or encounter a certain lesson.

How Does it Work?

All I need is a photo of you to establish a connection. I will then work with your energy to see who comes through. Once I have a connection with the Spirit Guide who wants to come through, the messages start to flood in normally in the form of visuals and sounds.

What if I dont like how my drawing looks?

While we consciously may want or expect something other than what we receive, the universe always shows us what we need to know not what we want to know. If those two things align then that's amazing, if they don't then it normally means the drawing carries an important lesson. Lessons are what Spirit Guides are here to help us with and so it is lessons that come through, rather than desires. 

Can we change the drawing?

Short answer - No. If we did, we would be altering the message and it would no longer carry the same meaning or have the same purpose. It would be the same as having a reading done by a psychic and changing the messages that they give to you on your Spirit Guides behalf. Those messages would no longer be true, carry the same energetic frequencies or have any relevance to your spiritual growth. 

Do you do readings?

Not anymore. I was a practicing psychic for awhile but now I channel it all through art. However message always come through when you connect with Spirit so there will be ones that I pass along to you. 

How long have you been psychic?

I've been able to connect with Spirit world since I was young, I remember being a kid and being able to pick someone out of a crowd just by knowing their name! During my teen and young adult years I subconsciously repressed all my gifts untill I several years ago. My connection slowly started to creep back in until the door blew wide open. I've been growing and learning ever since.


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