Spirit Guides are energetic beings that assist souls in reaching their greatest potential. They are always with us, showing us the way, giving us advice and sending us messages.  Connecting with your Spirit Guides can transform your life.


Through channeling your spirit guide, I can give their energy physical form through art. How they present themselves nearly always depends on the messages that they want the drawing to contain - and that all depends on what you, the soul they care for needs to know. Symbolic messages often accompany the drawings as symbols are a universal language and vibrate at incredibly high frequencies which can be accessed and understood on any dimensional level.

Once completed the drawing of your spirit guide becomes a doorway to Spirit through the high frequency energies it contains. It can help you focus and tune into your guide and act as a reminder of their messages. Messages and guidance for you will always come through during the process of the connecting with and drawing your spirit guide, these will be passed along to you with your drawing.

Check out some common FAQs and feel free to contact me to discuss your interest. Drawings + Messages are $280NZD.

"Talk about Art with a journey. Christine’s gift to connect with higher realms mixed with her passion for art and her caring openness was what gave my piece its very own unique story.  As Christine started to sketch Shakaian, Christine continued to share the messages that Shakaian had been trying to show me for some time. I can say that I have never had an experience like this ever before and I’m not sure If that experience can ever be repeated again. Christine has given more than just a piece of art, she has left me with a better understanding of myself, a greater understanding of my connection to my higher self and knowing that I have such an incredible guide leading me in this life’s incarnation." 

- Donna P.