Hā o te Wairua - The Breath of the Spirit 


My vision for this book is to bring together the deep respect I feel for my Māori heritage and our connection, as New Zealanders, to wairua (spirit), nature and animals. We are all spiritual beings capable of amazing feats and we live in a  home teeming with life, wonder and beauty.


Ive woven these ideas into my book and I hope that it sparks connections for people. I also hope that this book not only provides relief from stress and anxiety but encourages personal creativity.

I truly believe that there is an artist in all of us and that art can be a wonderful tool for therapy.


All 30 designs in this book are original hand drawn illustrations.

Check out a video flip through of the entire book here.


For every book that's sold, $4 will be donated to The Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand to help continue the amazing work they do for the kiwis. They have helped me so much and Im so grateful to now have the oppertunity to say Thank You and give back. 

Hā o te Wairua

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